How to Perform the Perfect Lower Chest Dips Press

Did you know that it is important to perform the exercises correctly in order to get the most of them? Also, there are some exercises that may seem quite easy and straightforward, but there’s actually a catch there. One of these exercises if the lower chest dips press.

In preforming this exercise, unlike the triceps dips press, you’re going to want to turn your elbows in front of you as indicated.  And what’s that going to be able to do is allow your body to be to dip your chest, nice and deep with the platform.  You’ll be able to get your body to about a 90 degree angle and then sweep your body up.

This exercise is great because it can help reduce the fat in your lower chest region.  Make sure to breath correctly while going down and up.  Make sure your contracting your muscles on both the way and up.  As a variation you can “explode” on your way up to get a bit more from this exercise.

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