How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Burn fat and build muscle are the twin goals that keep dedicated bodybuilders focused. The major purpose of doing strenuous gym work in the first place is to improve the condition of the body, reduce the amount of fat you are carrying and improve your muscle bulk and tone. Now that we’re done with stating the obvious, let’s learn how to do this.

How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle

How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle


Tip 1

Don’t overlook cardio. You may already be on the track to becoming a pro, but cardio remains just as important. It is a vital part of the twin goal of burn fat & build muscle. When you develop a regular lifting routine, you will probably end up with an increased food intake. This is helpful in maintaining a strong and muscular body, but if your goals are to achieve health and definition as well, you need to do cardio to get rid of excess carbs and fat. You can do this by simple running or skipping. For you, this should be a walk in the park.

Tip 2

One often overlooked method to help you burn fat/build muscle is to occasionally lift different amounts of weight. The fundamental principle is still to lift the largest weight possible without inducing strain, but an occasional lessening of the weight can have a different kind of benefit. If you lift lighter weights weekly you will be exercising different parts of the muscle. Doing a lot of reps with less weight will burn off a lot of fat and give your muscles a better tone and appearance.

Tip 3

One of the most effective ways to burn fat & build muscle simultaneously is to make use of circuit training. You won’t find this at every health and fitness establishment, but take advantage of it if you do have access. If you have a running track and weight lifting equipment in the center, you can keep switching from one to the other. Start by running, and then move in to the center and lift weights, and keep repeating the routine. You will find this extremely exhausting, but it will help you burn fat/build muscle together, and if used properly, will get you into the best condition possible. It may seem like a lot, but, hey, all good things have a price.

Tip 4

It is incredible how often this last tip is overlooked even by people who are deadly serious about bodybuilding. Take care of your daily food intake, and you will see a dramatic improvement in your results.  Building the perfect body means more than exercising! Taking in less fat will give you less to burn off, and increased protein will help muscles repair and build following work. Burn fat + Build muscle = less work, and I’m sure you would like faster progress with less strain! Pretty simple, after all, right?

Working out effectively will always produce better results than blindly lifting weights – this is something all smart bodybuilders should know. Keep browsing and find more useful articles and tips about how to get in the perfect shape!

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