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Cardio Kickboxing Exercises Stances and Punches

Punches can hurt if done right! We all know that. But what is the best technique for standing while punching? After all, if you also fall after punching the other guy, it doesn’t really count. That’s something we all should pay attention to and this video will take some time to explain exactly what’s the …


Couple Summer Workout: Getting Fit with a Partner

Working out may sometimes seem boring and tedious, not to mention the fact that it takes away from the time you could otherwise spend with your loved ones. There is a single solution to all these problems: getting fit with a partner. There are numerous exercises that you can do in pairs, so invite your …


Bikram Yoga Explained

Are you into routines that work both your body and your mind? Then yoga is exactly what you need. But wait, before signing up for a yoga class, you need to know more about it: what it can do for you, what is the level of difficulty and if you like the teacher. Don’t worry, …