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BOSU Ball Exercises

Did you know there are numerous exercises that you can do with a BOSU ball? Yes, sitting on it is one of them, but there’s more. This single prop can help you tone your entire body. If you don’t have one yet, it’s high time you went out and bought one (they aren’t expensive at …


The Stability Ball Workout

When it comes to committing to working out, most of us use the same old excuse: “I don’t have time for the gym”. Indeed, making time to go to a gym a few times a week (especially if there is none near your home) may be difficult. But what if I told you you could …


Kettlebell Exercises For Your Core

Ah, the endless quest for perfect abs & core! We’ve all spent hundreds of hours in the gym working to lose the “love handles” or, for the lucky few, toning our existing muscles and getting a core to die for. If that’s your situation as well, then you may already be tired of the classical …