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Kettlebell Exercises For Your Core

Ah, the endless quest for perfect abs & core! We’ve all spent hundreds of hours in the gym working to lose the “love handles” or, for the lucky few, toning our existing muscles and getting a core to die for. If that’s your situation as well, then you may already be tired of the classical …


What’s One Exercise Most People Do Wrong

If you’re a regular (and why shouldn’t you be?) on, then you know that we place a lot of emphasis on doing things correctly. This will keep you safe from injuries, not to mention that your muscles will grow a lot faster if you do the exercises the correct way. Now, there’s a basic …


Ab Lounge vs Sit Ups

As much as we would want to exercise in order to stay in great shape, our health may not allow us to do so. Many people experience neck and joint pain when doing abs or sit-ups. Does this mean they should give up exercising altogether? Of course not! It only means they need to pace …