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The Stability Ball Workout

When it comes to committing to working out, most of us use the same old excuse: “I don’t have time for the gym”. Indeed, making time to go to a gym a few times a week (especially if there is none near your home) may be difficult. But what if I told you you could …


Kettlebell Exercises For Your Core

Ah, the endless quest for perfect abs & core! We’ve all spent hundreds of hours in the gym working to lose the “love handles” or, for the lucky few, toning our existing muscles and getting a core to die for. If that’s your situation as well, then you may already be tired of the classical …


What’s One Exercise Most People Do Wrong

If you’re a regular (and why shouldn’t you be?) on, then you know that we place a lot of emphasis on doing things correctly. This will keep you safe from injuries, not to mention that your muscles will grow a lot faster if you do the exercises the correct way. Now, there’s a basic …