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How to Buy Fitness Equipment

Did you know that buying fitness equipment for your home isn’t really that difficult? It’s true that the world of fitness equipment can seem like a maze at times and that there are literally hundreds of different types of fitness equipment pieces that might work well for your home arrangement. However, with a little guidance, …

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Kettlebell Workout DOs and DONTs Common Mistakes

Are you ready to hit the gym? Then you are probably also very excited about the numerous props and equipment that you’ll get to try. Yes, we know, for fitness enthusiasts, a well-equipped gym is like the promised land. However, you shouldn’t rush into trying them all in one session. Experts strongly advise for mastering …


Kettlebell Exercises For Your Core

Ah, the endless quest for perfect abs & core! We’ve all spent hundreds of hours in the gym working to lose the “love handles” or, for the lucky few, toning our existing muscles and getting a core to die for. If that’s your situation as well, then you may already be tired of the classical …