Build Muscle Without Weights

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to build muscle without using weights of any kind and we’ve got the article to prove it. If you’re on a budget and wish to start building muscle with 0 investment, read on.

Build Muscle Without Weights

Build Muscle Without Weights

It is possible to build muscle without weights with the traditional simple forms of exercise – exercises which need no special equipment, and which can be done anywhere. These include sit ups, press ups and other similar ones. These are not going to turn you from a weakling into a champion bodybuilder, but if you are not used to exercising your body, they can be a great way to start. As with any form of exercise, you need regular workouts to see results. And no, regular does not mean once a month, you need more than that.

Although these general exercises are beneficial, to see real results you will need to concentrate on specific muscle groups. Building up the biceps, which is a common starting point amongst aspiring bodybuilders, is not easily done without weights. Probably the best way of going about this is just to use something  in place of the weights, such as cans of food.  Put the cans into a bag, and you have a makeshift weight to lift. We know, it’s not pretty, but it’s also free.

Every bodybuilder wants to work their chest, as this is what gives the appearance of a well built body. One of the most simple ideas that help you tone your pectorals is to make regular press ups harder to do. One easy way of accomplishing this is to put your feet up on a chair, making all the weight go in to your arms. You will find these a lot harder to do than the standard press up, so be prepared.

The shoulders will definitely benefit from basic exercises such as press ups, and even more so from inclined press ups. One way to go beyond this is to add pull ups. Many people find these exercises hard to perform, so they definitely have the potential to build muscle without weights. To get the very best results from your pull ups, you will need to widen your grips, so that the weight is concentrated in the shoulder area. This will make sure that the effort you are putting in gets the best possible result, by being directed to the right area. It is hard work, though.

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