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Two-Arm Extension – Tone Your Muscles in No Time

There are certain exercises that do more for your muscles than you imagine. When you see people in the gym performing them, they seem to be putting no effort in them whatsoever. The two-arm extension is one of those exercises. To those who have done it before (and done it correctly) it doesn’t seem that …


How to do a Proper Handstand

If you are into fitness or any other means of keeping your body fit, then you are also probably extremely familiar with all the classical moves: push-ups, squats, sit-ups, weight lifting or pulling. Moreover, you might even be tired of them. How about a new challenge? It should be something that takes a  bit more …


Getting Fit with a Partner

We all know that dragging yourself out of the comfort of your own home and going to the gym might be tedious — to say the least. Yes, it’s hard for everyone, even for those who are so incredibly fit that they look like they live in the gym. What to do then? Get a …